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For many people a large garden can be quite daunting but at Fisher Tomlin it's something we encounter everyday. We are here to help you realise the best from a new garden design creating the space for a family to breathe whilst giving you different spaces and ideas for how you want to use your garden. And of course you might be inheriting someone else's garden so there are some tips below on reducing maintenance and making it a manageable proposition.

We believe that if you are looking for a garden designer a good place to start is to find someone local with the experience of designing for larger spaces. At Fisher Tomlin we approach every garden individually but there are often some underlying elements that need addressing. The most likely key issue is dealing with an existing cover of trees and planting. We regularly find that you literally can't see the wood for the trees! So the first thing we will do for you is to talk you through what you have, what trees are outstanding and perhaps the ones that could do with replacing. After all how your predecessor used the garden isn't the same as how you will. We may even find some ancient trees or special varieties that you didn't realise you had.

We often find that existing plants and trees in large gardens can be rejuvenated and as long as they are in places where the garden design wants them, then some radical pruning can take place to bring them back to health. For trees we will always bring in our specialists who have many year's experience and can bring back a sense of shape and proportion to trees.

We will of course survey and identify how to create a garden design that suits your needs as a family. Gardens are great places for entertainment and with a big garden you have the opportunity to add space for sports.

Country Gardens

We are regularly asked to design areas for tennis courts and swimming pools in large spaces but you have to be aware of the issues around tree root protection and providing sufficient elements to make these great assets safe and secure. Pools in particular need to be protected to keep young children safe.

Designs for large gardens also give you the opportunity to incorporate buildings into the landscape. Garden rooms used for offices, play rooms and music rooms are a great addition to your property, adding value and creating another place for family members to go whether its to study or play music. There are some great off the shelf buildings available but we can also help you with bespoke garden rooms in materials like green oak with shingles or old brick buildings with tiled roofs.

Once you have your new garden you'll need to look after it to make it continue to bloom and become more successful in the future. Our large garden design service includes a facility to help you appoint maintenance help and we are available to help you with seasonal updates and support for your ever-changing garden. It might seem like a great problem to have, but bigger gardens can make you feel like you don't know where to start maintenance but that's where we come in.


Here are just a few top tips for reducing the maintenance and cost of a large garden design:

  • Cut out weekly lawn cutting by establishing longer grass areas, planting wild flower plugs and bulbs to encourage wildlife.
  • Turn over neglected areas of the garden to orchard trees.
  • Introduce more shrubs into borders to reduce the maintenance that has been created by the trend towards big perennial borders.
  • Plant with waterwise methods using dense planting to retain moisture in the ground and cut down the need for irrigation.
All these ideas for low maintenance large gardens need to be built in at the design stage where you can be sure consideration has been given to your needs. That's where we come in so if you would like more information and advice on your new project please contact us on 01276 855900.


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