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Fisher Tomlin have been established as London based designers for over 20 years and are renowned for their creative approach to design. We understand the distinct requirements of city gardens whether you want a contemporary urban outdoor room or a peaceful walled design to relax in. In a city garden you’ll have to think about lots of key factors. Here’s just a few.

London style gardens are getting smaller and many of us have tiny spaces to get the most from. We can help you simplify your design to consider the necessities of city gardening and decide what you will use your garden for. If you’re not a gardener then let us help you reduce the maintenance in favour of space to entertain, and if you, we can help you maximize the space and disguise boundaries.

We often get asked how to create privacy from both eyes and ears. With creative use of both hard materials such as contemporary horizontal trellis and plants such as Birch and Hornbeam we can screen out neighbours and create a gentle sound to cut out city noise.

Shade is also a common issue in London gardens and lighter colours across the whole space can help lift the gloom. Cool plant colours with fresh green foliage can create a feeling of space and we can help you choose the right materials to lighten up your garden and reflect that light back into your home.

You might actually have a really sunny space and want some more shade. Some of the larger foliage trees such as Imperial trees can be used to effectively reduce the intensity of the sun and provide solutions to localised pollution in the air. Great ideas if you have a young family where gardening can often be a challenge, especially if you have a small space. But there are lots of solutions that enable you make the most of what you have, including play equipment designed for city gardens. You might not be able to fit a trampoline but you can still provide children’s play space. If you do want a trampoline for your garden then there are lots of imaginative ways to install one without it taking over.

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Our experience of designing smaller spaces means that we can provide you with solutions for entertaining your friends, such as built-in features that stay all year round. A built-in bench means you don’t have to put away the garden furniture for the winter and when you get those sunny mornings early in the year you just have to go out with your coffee and a cushion to immediately enjoy the weather. When it comes to summer evening al fresco entertaining you’ll find that you can get even more people in your garden than you might expect.

Of course one of the great things about London gardens is being able to sit back and relax. Low maintenance gardens are important to many of us in our busy lives and we understand that you don’t want to be beholden to maintenance every week and will design a solution that can be looked after on as little as an hour a month, maybe less.

If you are an active gardener and it's your passion you’ll probably thinking of having a profusion of plants and wonder where you might be able to find space and indulge your passion for plants. Here again, we might forgo a little of your seating space but there are ways of designing vertical plantings that are effective and will give you green walls that delight all year round.


Whatever space you have we can help you realize the potential. We can visit you and talk through the planning issues that sometimes come with a city garden, things like changing front boundaries or installing garden rooms. We can show you how a design will be constructed, introduce you to great landscapers and specialist who will keep your neighbours happy as well as you and discuss budgets that are kept to whilst creating the garden of your dreams.

Whatever you need, a great entertaining space, a kitchen garden or a family playspace our London garden designers are here to help you achieve the perfect solution.


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