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Fisher Tomlin provide a complete roof gardens design service throughout Europe. We have been awarded Garden Designers of the Year for our projects in London and we are able to offer a complete garden design service both in the UK and overseas, particularly Paris and France, Spain and Sweden. Our designers are currently designing gardens in Paris, France and Sweden as well as London roof gardens.

Roof gardens have particular requirements that set them apart from gardens on the ground level where soil, nutrients and maintenance are that much easier. For example, a primary concern is the ability of the roof to sustain a load that allows for not only surfaces such as stone and roof decking to be used but can also handle the weight of planters, soil and plants. In addition its important that we understand the water capacity of soil which increases the weight as well as ensuring that the roof is water tight. All this is done with the support of specialist engineers who will ensure that regulations are met.

Fisher Tomlin Roof Gardens design

Once the roof garden structure is built we have to choose the right plants for the situation. Planting up in the air means that wind can have a desiccating impact on plants so the right plants needs to be selected and positioned as well as adequate irrigation available to ensure long term survival. And of course, maintenance is vital. We can provide ongoing maintenance care from our specialist landscapers which can also include regular decking or stone treatment to ensure your garden continues to improve over time.


Our service covers all aspects of roof gardens from planning, creation and construction. Our expertise in details such as contemporary penthouse apartments and roof spaces for new properties and luxury apartment developments are well known and many of our roof gardens designs have won major awards.

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